Why Rent Your Digital Cameras From Us?

When you rent our cameras from Digitalrentalcameras.com you can be sure that you are getting good quality name brand Nikon cameras and Sony batteries for your special event whether it be your baby shower, a special birthday such as your sweet sixteen, or of course your wedding day.

We have been selling decorative disposable cameras for many years, and have decided to start renting digital cameras for a number of reasons:

    review photos as you take them
  • Your guests can view the picture on the cameras screen as soon as they take it to ensure it came out right.
  • You can avoid paying for costly prints because although you want to be able to keep all of your pictures you probably don't want to pay to print them all.
  • You would hope that catastrophes would never happen, however you see on the news all the time where people say we have lost all of our memories because our pictures got destroyed, where with digital photos you can put them on a disc certainly friends and family have copies and so on.
  • You can more easily share your pictures with friends and family
  • The cameras have automatic point and shoot, where with disposable cameras there is a delay for the flash
  • We upload the pictures to your own private picture section of the website for 30 days so you can tell your friends and family they can view all of the photos there.
  • The cameras are an elegant color of white which can act as an added touch to your guests' tables.

Here at Digital Rental Cameras we truly want to help make your event as memorable as possible because we saw how delighted for years how people are with the disposable cameras and we just thought it was time to make it even easier.